10000SHOTCLUB.COM Opens Online Summer Challenge to Boost Youth Skills and Game Confidence

The annual 10000SHOTCLUB.COM CHALLENGE is now in progress through Sept. 15 and is still accepting registrations at last year’s nominal fee of $14.95. A unique, engaging website created by a Chicago area youth basketball coach, the program offers boys and girls a system to become consistent, confident shot-makers in time for fall competition.

Built on the premise that kids improve with daily, quality practice, 10000SHOTCLUB.COM motivates kids to put down their screens and go shoot the basketball.

Each enrolled child’s name and shot entries are displayed on the site leaderboard. “Stretching their abilities to compete for top ranking creates a powerful incentive to achieve 10,000 shots this summer,” says founder Robert Sloan, who has coached The Knights team in Elmhurst for 10 years. “Through daily repetition, we know that players build confidence and develop the discipline they need to become champions – and this fun, online challenge works.”

From footwork to free throws and everything between, 10000SHOTCLUB.com provides young players with suggested routines and tips for practicing at “game speed.” Young players record their total number of shots taken each day in their online account, with a maximum of 200 shots per day.

For more details and to register, go to 10000SHOTCLUB.COM.

Questions? Email [email protected] or call Robert Sloan at 630-921-3700.