How the Pros Prepare

by Aaron Hanshaw

At the time of this writing, the Denver Nuggets are 34-15 and in second place in the Western Conference. They’re coming off of a win against the Grizzlies, and they’re poised to make a run at the franchise record of 57 regular-season wins they set in 2012-13. This comes just two years after a four-year streak of losing seasons and a year after missing the playoffs for the fifth straight time.

“…players just don’t read anymore so delivering scouting reports on paper is obsolete.”

If you’re not a Nuggets fan, that may all seem like trivia to you. If you’re a coach, though, it shouldn’t be. Because this year, the Nuggets aren’t doing things the way they have in the past. Mike Malone and his staff are delivering video playbooks, scouting information, and film to players in a whole new way.

At Just Play, we know Coach Malone is right. Players don’t read anymore. His professionals don’t read anymore, and if you’re a college coach, you can bet your players aren’t consuming any more than 140 characters unless it’s in a syllabus.

No, this isn’t a shot at them; it’s just not how they learn. Their quizzes are online, they digitally submit their essays, and their professors communicate through email on their phone. Paper just isn’t what they do.

It makes sense though, right? What do you think they’re more likely to grab at 1 AM when they can’t sleep, or when they’re traveling on the bus to an away game, their paper scout or their phone? I don’t think the answer to that question is a mystery.

That’s why we agree that “delivering scouting reports on paper is obsolete.” Now we still give you that choice, and we know you may want to have that printed scout available, too. But players don’t learn best that way, and the mental reps they can get in when watching film along with their scout can go a long way come game time.

Oh, and one last thing: If you’re wondering whether NBA players are actually studying and preparing this way, they are. From training camp to midseason, from playbooks to scouts, and from starter to rotation fringe, these guys prepare in the Just Play App on a consistent basis. And they aren’t alone.

In fact, since October 1st, the 550+ teams that use Just Play have registered more than a million views and have spent more than 500,000 minutes preparing in the player app. As for the Nuggets, they’re right there at the top in terms of player usage.

So, coaches, put your content in their palms, not just on paper. Use the tools that pros use and engage your players in a relevant way.

Just Play provides basketball staffs with a complete coaching solution.

From building playbooks, scouting opponents, teaching players and coordinating recruiting schedules, you will prepare faster and engage better with today’s athletes using Just Play.

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