Assistant Coach – Indian Hills CC

School: Indian Hills CC
Position: Assistant Coach
Position Type: Part-time
Salary: TBA
Organization: NJCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: Region XI

Job Summary:
This individual will be responsible for assisting in coaching, recruiting, scouting, fund raising, camps, academic monitoring, and public relations endeavors.
Work Performed:
A. Help recruit players for team. Includes overnight, weekend, and out-of-state travel.
B. Provide academic support and guidance to student athletes. Conduct a study table and provide weekly attendance and grade reports to the Head Coach.
C. Aid in facility maintenance.
D. Attend all games and practices as directed by the Head Coach.
E. Observe players while they perform to determine need for individual or team improvement.
F. Coach players individually or in groups, demonstrating techniques of the sport.
G. Assist in game strategy.
H. Scout opposing teams as assigned.
I. Assist in fund-raising activities throughout the year. Includes weeknights and weekend activities.
J. Assist with basketball camps.
K. Supervise strength and conditioning program.
L Other duties as may be assigned.

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