Team Success Manager – ShotTracker

School: ShotTracker
Position: Team Success Manager
Position Type: Full-time

Role Overview

The Team Success Manager is responsible for helping his/her assigned teams achieve consistent, measurable success from analytics and thereby create sustained financial value for ShotTracker. A Team Success Manager is expected to (a) develop relationships and gain an understanding of each team environment, (b) develop a team plan starting at service acceptance, (c) orchestrate ShotTracker resources as necessary to implement the plan, (d) act as first point-of-contact for service, and (e) ensure measurable team satisfaction and service renewals.

Organizational Influence

The Team Success Manager will have responsibility for an estimated 25-35 teams generating a minimum of over $1M in subscription revenue. Incumbent will orchestrate ShotTracker resources for teams in geographically dispersed locations around the world, and interact across the ShotTracker organization in Operations, Sales, Product Development and Technology Operations. Where the Company has implemented a local contractor/intern program, the TSM will manage this relationship.

Team Success Manager will be a key team advocate and amass team and market knowledge enabling ShotTracker to drive constant product/service improvement and innovation, and maintain its leadership position

Goals & Measures

Team retention, account usage & usage growth, specific team satisfaction measures


  • Develop Team success plan
    • Understand & document team’s people and processes that underlay their ShotTracker system deployment via SalesForce
      • ShotTracker sales history
      • Team organization, decision-makers and influencers
      • Overall analytics approach and use
      • Other decision/use factors eg. tech management
    • Use ShotTracker Team Success Model framework to develop written success plan for team. Plan should address:
  • Creating team analytics commitment, goals & plan
  • Developing team processes to ensure “habit” of getting data
  • Helping catalyze data, learning, decision cycle
  • Surfacing opportunities for special projects
  • Managing use of local interns and partners
  • Develop budget for managing existing & new Teams to success over fiscal year
  • Execute team success plan
    • Team interactions
      • 1st point of contact for all team inquiries
      • Head coach & staff
      • Managers & interns
      • Players
      • Support functions eg. facilities, administration
      • Event/Fan interaction opportunities
    • Internal
      • Sales
      • Product Development
      • Delivery Operations
      • Analytics
      • Technology Operations
    • Partners/Contractors
      • Local interns
      • Ball/video partners
      • Other
  • Assist in strategic, product & service development
    • Continue to develop and innovate around the ShotTracker Team Success Model
    • Collect and assess data on team use and experience
    • Provide analytics and feature ideas to product development that emerge from Team interactions
  • Lead periodic team and budget performance reviews
    • Develop systematic approach for communicating key issues/conclusions from teams
    • Manage issue and program follow-up for teams
    • Actively participate in the weekly team success meeting
  • Manage your own personal development
    • Sales & account management training
    • Basketball & analytics
    • General technical & business skills


Reports To

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Frequently Teams with

Customer Delivery managers

Delivery/Installation Operations

Sales Team

Data analysts/coaches

Education/Skills/Experience Required:

  • Required:
  • Undergraduate degree
  • Excellent communication & leadership skills
  • Understanding of collegiate basketball environment
  • Helpful/Preferred:
  • Head basketball manager at a Division 1 program
  • Experience with general education, college and or sports administration
  • Experience in or understanding of customer service processes


  • Base Salary & Commission
    • Commission based on achievement of team success measures
  • Salary Range of $35-$40K base plus commission
  • Benefits
Applicant Information:

TO APPLY: Email cover letter and resume to [email protected]

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