The college athletics landscape has seen some significant changes over the past few months, due in large part to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The original intent of our list was to track all of the suspensions, cuts, and closing in the college athletics world. With most fall sports now suspended, our list has pivoted a bit, and will now track all sports cut, and schools either closing or shutting down their athletics departments permanently (at all levels). The list below will be updated as changes occur. If we’ve missed any, please email us and we will add them.

Just like our tracker of coaching changes, this list is sortable (hover over the header in the column you want to sort, and an arrow will appear for sorting) AND searchable (e.g. sort by column, or use the search box and type in “Closing” to see all schools permanently closing, or type in a college to see if it is on the list).


The complete list of college athletics programs cut, sports suspended, and schools closing permanently. The list is sortable and searchable.

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