Tuesday Starting Five – 1/26/16

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By: Lucas Shapiro / HoopDirt.com Contributor


Villanova Wildcats – Zone Interchange

Loved this set by Villanova for a few reasons. It features a lot of things that are important against a zone such as player movement, a blind screen, and options if the play breaks down. The interchanging on the perimeter keeps the defense thinking. It makes the defenders always having to take into account who is around them and whether they need to get out on the good shooters or not. The screen comes from a blind angle which forces the defense to switch. In this situation, Villanova is fortunate to have big shot-maker Ryan Arcidiacono use the ball screen to get an open three-pointer. Because of the switch, Arcidiacono could have had a 2 on 1 with the screener. If that did not work out, he could have kicked it out to Villanova’s other star, Josh Hart, who was also open.


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Toronto Raptors – Horns Flex Counter Pin

This is a nice play Toronto drew up out of the timeout. Instead of going to the flex cut, they ran Terrence Ross off of a pin-down screen. This is a great set because the defense is forced to decide whether it wants to give up a wide open layup or mid-range shot. Naturally, in today’s game, a defense will lean toward giving up the mid-range shot.


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Mississippi State – Baseline Runner

Baseline Runner is a very common action, but it is usually ran against a zone defense. Mississippi State ran it and curled Malik Newman off of the second screen for a mid-range shot. You have to admire Newman’s confidence coming off of the screen especially since the play was well defended.


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Charlotte Hornets – Horns Chicago

This play is unique because often times in Horns sets, there are two big men at the elbows. On this one, Charlotte put Jeremy Lin at the elbow and ran him through a Chicago action (off-ball screen into a handoff). It is a nice set to get a quick and easy look.


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Chicago Bulls – BS Reverse Lob

I can almost conclusively say there isn’t a basketball coach in the world better at drawing up lob plays than Fred Hoiberg. However, I may need Ken Pomeroy to do a study to back this up. It just amazes me how Hoiberg, time and time again, can get such easy looks for his players. In this one, Jimmy Butler sets a sideline pick for Derrick Rose. Rose reverses the ball to Gasol and Butler rolls hard to the hoop for the lob.


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