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Your first impression is everything when applying for a new coaching job. You need to have everything aligned if you want to land your next opportunity: cover letter, resume, portfolio, and interviewing skills.  We can help with all of the above!

Most coaches are confident in their cover letter, resume, and interviewing skills.  However, a large percentage of coaches do not have a portfolio.  While our services assist coaches with all aspects of the job search process, portfolios are our specialty.

A professional coaching portfolio is the tool that highlights your coaching achievements and philosophies and, most of all, helps separate you and your abilities from the other applicants.

The key to landing a new coaching job is to demonstrate to the hiring committee your attention to detail, level of preparedness, and your professionalism.  Not only does a coaching portfolio allow you to exhibit these qualities, it also allows you to present your personal philosophies on coaching, leadership, and program development in an organized manner.

The Coaching Portfolio Guide is an instructional, membership-based website that helps you develop a personalized portfolio.  Each section of the portfolio guide provides detailed instructions on how to organize your portfolio in a professional manner.  The guide also provides sample documents for each section of your portfolio that you can copy, modify, and add to your personal portfolio.


The Coaching Portfolio Guide provides the user with the following tools:

  • Detailed instructions for completing each section of your portfolio.
  • Sample documents that you can modify and include in your portfolio.
  • Cover letter and resume templates
  • Sample interview questions specifically for coaching interviews
  • Tutorials on how to use PowerPoint & Canva to create portfolios/resumes
  • Info on how to build your own coaching website!

Plus much more!  This online guide has over 1000 pages of information!

Sign up for our Portfolio Package, or upgrade to a premium package! Here is a complete list of our packages:

$49 The Portfolio Package
Learn how to build a professional coaching portfolio! You receive unlimited access to all documents, articles, webinars, tutorials, and sample portfolios as well as all future updates.  This package also includes The Complete Guide to the Coaching Interview!

$79 Premium Package
Our Pro Package includes The Coaching Portfolio Guide + The Complete Guide to Coaching Interviews + our resume review service + website templates to build your own coaching website.

$125 Pro Package
Our Pro Package includes The Coaching Portfolio Guide + The Complete Guide to Coaching Interviews + our resume review service + website templates + a 1 hour zoom consultation.  During the consultation, we can discuss your portfolio, your resume/cover letter, interview prep, or career planning. (Consultation can be split into two 30 minute sessions)

$200 Resume Rebuild
Want us to rebuild your resume for you?  We will take your resume and apply a professional template plus develop your content and experience so that you can demonstrate your value to the search committee!


Please note: The Coaching Portfolio Guide is a separate entity from Hoop Dirt that is owned and operated by current college coach and career consultant, Bill Vasko. Upon purchase of services, you will be contacted directly by Coach Vasko.

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