A messy situation at Houston

The situation at Houston has begun to get pretty messy. Associate Head Coach Melvin Haralson was not with the team on Tuesday during their win at the buzzer vs. Western Kentucky – in fact, he didn’t even make the trip to WKU. There were early rumors that he had been fired, and now those are being confirmed by the athletic department. Houston AD Mack Rhodes confirmed that Haralson has been placed on indefinite leave, but would not disclose the reason for the leave and declined to comment.

Also, there is a "tweet" making the rounds from SportsTalk 790’s Matt Jackson. Here’s what he tweeted on Tuesday:

"From multiple sources, Penders fired Melvin Haralson Monday. There are two sides to every story, but for once I feel sorry for Melvin. According to my sources, Penders could announce his retirement as early as this week. Penders has been told he will not return, and he is being given a chance to save face."

The "tweet" has now been deleted from Jackson’s Twitter page.

We’ll keep you updated as we hear more, but I don’t expect this situation to get better for Coach Penders.