Alcorn State search

Here’s a pretty interesting look into the search at Alcron State. ASU President M. Christopher Brown II laid out exactly how the process will work as well as who will be on the search committee. Alcorn State has not hired a seach firm (the popular new trend is to go with one). Instead they will rely on this committee of seven to hire the new coach:

Mrs. LLJuna Weir, ASU Athletics Senior Women Administrator

Dr. John Igwebuike, ASU Faculty Athletic Representative

Judge Cedric Bush, ASU A-Club

Mr. Jimmy Smith, ASU Registrar

Mr. Tracy Cook, Assistant Superintendent Jefferson County Schools

Ms. Kiara Ruffin, ASU Student Athlete (Women’s Basketball)

Mr. Charles McClelland, Owner McClelland Moving and Storage (Alumni)

Also, Brown announced that the deadline for applications will be March 22nd at 5pm. He said the upcoming hiring schedule would look like this:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

5:00 p.m. – Applications due

TBA March 2011

9 a.m. – Candidate Interview with Search Committee

12 p.m. – Candidate Interview with Search Committee

3 p.m. – Candidate Interview with Search Committee

TBA March 2011

Press Conference Announcing Head Coach and Meet & Greet

(Time, Date and Location TBA)

I though that this was an interesting view into the search process – not only the way it was laid out, but how ASU was so forthcoming with their search procedures.

Follow the linl below for the official University release.