ALERT from the NABC

Just wanted to pass this alert along from the National Association of Basketball Coaches. I just received it and thought that it was important to share this information. This has been taken from the "NABC Basketball Bulletin – November 2010"

"SCAM ALERT: Be Aware of Offers Too Good to Be True Because They Probably Are

We want to make you aware of some fraudulent scams that have targeted high school, collegiate & professional coaches across the country recently.

Some of the scams offer very lucrative positions in foreign countries, many online, seeking coaches to train “national team” players or work at a specialized sports academy. The offers almost always include free travel, housing and other benefits. The NABC has followed up on offers with members of our association knowledgeable of coaching associations in foreign lands, and none to date have been legitimate. Some have even asked that applicants must be “certified” by the NABC and one even called itself the NABC of a foreign nation.

Another scam being conducted involves a person representing himself/herself as an assistant of a legendary former coach with an offer of a position or meeting. Once again, the NABC has found these offers to be fraudulent.

We urge our members to be very cautious when faced with any of the situations mentioned above and thoroughly investigate before taking any action."