Arizona Search

Arizona Athletic Director Jim Livengood had some very interesting statements about the search for Lute Olson’s replacement. Click the link below for the full article, but here are the highlights:

No search committee

No search firm

He will "confer" with others, but he and the schools president will make the decision.

This is very strange for many reasons. First, this is one of the most high profile jobs in the country. Why wouldn’t you want the help of a committee and a search firm? I think the more opinions and different points of view, the better.

Also, he seems so concerned with the confidentiality of the search – why?? I guarantee that we will know who gets hired before the announcement. That’s how these things work – you can try the "stealth" approach, but it won’t work. The name (or names) will get out there – and so what if they do.

I agree that this hiring will have a major impact on Livengood, and his future at Arizona. With this being said, wouldn’t you want all of the help that you can get?

We’ll keep you updated as we hear names (and we will hear names Mr. Livengood!)