Baker Dunleavy Names Staff at Quinnipiac

Baker Dunleavy has acted quickly in naming his staff at Quinnipiac. He has hired Tom Pecora as the associate head coach, and Shaun Morris, and Anthony Goins as assistant coaches. Ryan Harkins will be retained as the video coordinator.

Pecora is the former head coach at Hofstra and Fordham. He also served as an assistant to Jay Wright at Hofstra before taking over for him in 2001.

Morris had spent the past six seasons at Boston University working for Joe Jones. He has also worked at Towson and Williams.

Goins worked for Joe Jones’ brother James at Yale for the past four seasons, and was at Dartmouth before that. Before joining the college ranks, he was a prep coach in Connecticut.

Last season was Harkins first at Quinnipiac. He had previously worked with Dunleavy as a graduate assistant and video coordinator at Villanova.


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