Basketball HQ: Kevin Mchale Tips Basketball Rebounding Drill

Great rebounders have soft hands and a quick second jump. They are able to land from jumping and then quickly explode back up to the basket for an offensive tip in or to corral a defensive board. This rebounding drill is instructed by Mike Roberts from the UNCG coaching staff and it is going to work on controlling offensive tips and also developing multiple quick jumps around the basket. It is great for any position, but ideally for post players.

Drill Name: Kevin Mchale Tips Basketball Rebounding Drill

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Drill Goal: Work on developing soft hands and a quick second jump.

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball.

Tips: Jump as high and as quick as you can every time. Control the basketball, don’t just slap at it.

Directions: The player is going to start on the right side of the backboard with a basketball in their hands. When the drill starts, the player will toss the basketball up off the backboard. They will then jump as high as they can and while in the air tip the ball back against the backboard. While they are doing this, they are going to try and touch as high as they can on the net/rim with their left hand. Repeat this action for 6-8 reps and then rebound the ball with both hands and then finish with a power layup/dunk. Switch sides and then repeat.

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