Basketball HQ Monday: Baseball Scoring 3 Point Shooting Drill

Sometimes shooting drills can get monotonous, especially if you are in the gym everyday shooting hundreds of shots. It is important to be able to mix up your shooting drills and to make sure that you are having fun while getting better.

The baseball shooting drill is from the UNCG staff and it is going to work on catch and shoot shots, but it has a scoring system to keep the drill competitive and fun. It is a great drill to finish a workout.



Drill Name: Baseball Scoring 3 Point Shooting Drill

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Drill Goal: Work on your catch and shoot shot.

Equipment Needed: 2 basketballs, 9 cones, and 2 partners.

Tips: Come into your shot the same way every time and hold your follow through. Focus on the shot that you are shooting and have a short memory if you missed the last shot.

Directions: You are going to set up 9 cones around the 3 point line just inside the arc (3-4 feet apart). The shooter is going to start at the first cone in the corner ready to shoot. Each of the 9 cones is an inning and at each cone you get 3 outs. Every miss is an out, so once you get 3 outs at the first cone you go to the next cone and the inning starts over.

The way you score runs is by making shots. If you make a shot but it hits the rim or backboard it is considered a single, but if you get a swish it is consider a home run. So for example if you have 3 singles (3 people on base) and you hit a home run (swish) then you get four runs/points. In that same situation if you make a shot with 3 people on base you get 1 run/point cause you sent someone home. The drill is finished when you have gotten 3 outs at all 9 cones.

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