Basketball HQ Monday: High Low Post Drill

This drill is instructed by FIU assistant men’s basketball coach Chris Capko (previously USC) and it is going to work on being able to execute a high low post move to a finish. It is important to be able to have counters in the post for different types of defenses. In this case, the post defender is trying to deny the entry pass. Instead of trying to fight for position, the offensive player is going to seal the defender on the high side and receive the pass over top.

Drill Name: High Low Post Drill

Drill Goal: Work on the correct footwork and body position for a high low catch and finish.

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball, 2 partners, and a pad.


Tips: Maintain body contact with the defender while the ball is in the air. If you don’t, the defender will have a chance to steal the ball.

Catch the ball high and keep it high on the finish. Catching and loading allows the defense to recover and gives access to guards when stripping the ball.


Directions: The offensive player is going to be on the block posting up (splitting the second hash), the defensive player will be on the high side in a half front, and the ball will be on the lane line with the passer. When the drill starts the passer will dribble over to the wing to make the entry pass. At this time the post defender will fight over top of the post up to simulate a full front. The post player instead of trying to post up with the defender on their back is going to seal up and look to receive a pass over the top for a finish at the basket. The offensive player can either finish on the near side of the basket or on the opposite side, work on both. Reset and repeat the action for the desired amount of repetitions or makes.

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