Basketball HQ Monday: Two Minute Magic Basketball Shooting Drill

This shooting drill is named after the Orlando Magic because they use it in their workouts to see how well a player can shoot the basketball. It is instructed in this video by NBA skill development coach Ryan Pannone. The goal of this type of drill is to not only get up a high number of quality shots, but to also learn to shoot under pressure. You will never fully be able to simulate game pressure, but drills like this will really help with being able to learn to shoot better under pressure.

Drill Name: 2 Minute Magic Basketball Shooting Drill

Drill Goal: Learn to shoot under pressure.

Equipment Needed: 2 basketballs and 2 partners.


  • Keep your shot consistent and come into it the same way every time.
  • Complete your shot by staying in it until you make or miss.
  • Shoot each shot as its own. Don’t think about the last shot or the next shot, take one shot at a time.

Directions: The shooter is going to start down in the left corner behind the 3 point line. The passer will be on the wing, and the rebounder by the basket. For this drill, the shooter must make 3 catch and shoot 3 pointers in a row from 5 different spots (corner, wing, top of the key, opposite wing, and opposite corner). The only way that the shooter is allowed to move on to the next spot is after they have made 3 in a row from the spot where they are at. Also, the player only has 2 minutes to complete the drill.

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