Basketball HQ Monday: X Out Shooting Drill

This is a shooting drill from the Georgetown University staff and it is taught by assistant coach Kevin Sutton. It is going to really focus in on footwork and coming into your shot the correct way every time.

Footwork is a huge indicator of whether a shot is going to go in or not, and having great footwork can really improve a players shooting percentage. This is a great drill to use at the beginning of a workout to really emphasis footwork and shooting the correct way every time.

Drill Name: X Out Shooting Drill

Drill Goal: Work on coming into your shot with the correct footwork every time.

Equipment Needed: 1-2 basketballs and 1-2 partners.


  • Come into your shot with the same footwork every time and be consistent.
  • Stay in your shot until you make or miss, don’t leave early.
  • Have a short memory and shoot the ball with confidence every time.

Directions: The shooter is going to start at the right elbow and the passer/rebounder will have the ball in the paint. When the drill starts the player will shoot a catch and shoot shot from the elbow. After they shoot that shot; they will run out, touch half court, and then run back into the left elbow for another catch and shoot shot. After each shot the player will sprint out to half court and back in for a shot on the opposite elbow. Continue this pattern for a total of 6 shots (you can up the number of shots to make the drill more difficult as well).

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  • Chris Corbett