Big changes on the way for HoopDirt

As our first full year of operation nears an end, there are some big changes on the way for HoopDirt – and we are very excited about them! The biggest addition to the site will be the implementation of our forum. Now our readers will have a dedicated spot to express their views on topics ranging from current job openings, "hot" rumors, and anything else basketball coaching related. We hope that there will be some lively debates held here! To participate in the forum a quick registration will be needed – it will only take a minute, and it’s free to join. We’ll let you know when we go live, but our hope is to do it sometime next week.

Also, in September, we are going to launch the "Coaches Corner." In this area, we will have advice on getting jobs in this business. The DirtKing will be the main contributer, but we will have guest columnists as well to share their experiences and give you some of their tips.

We have also "tweaked" the look of our front page a little bit. We have allowed more room for current news and job openings to be displayed – hopefully this makes it easier for our users to get the information that they are seeking.

So far the feedback we’ve gotten during our first year from our readers has been tremendous. We’ve gone from operating the site with only the blog functional in September (with less than 100 hits per day), to adding a bunch of features in March, and developing a following, and now we average 1,800 per day! Also, we have 730+ "friends" on Facebook and 530+ "followers" on Twitter. I think that we’re off to a good start, but still strive to improve. Please let us know if there is anything else that you would like to see on HoopDirt.