The B180 Basketball Fundamental Skills Program

B180 Basketball, Inc. has announced the official release of their product “The B180 Basketball Fundamental Skills Program”. The program benefits individuals ages 11 & up (middle school,  high school, college, & pro) in the development of their all-around basketball fundamental skills. The program combines key basketball fundamental skill workouts of shooting, ball handling, perimeter &

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2015 Rising Coaches Conference

The 2015 Rising Coaches Conference will take place from July 21-23, 2015 at the Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino! The cost of the conference is only $100 which includes Registration fee, the Socials, and your meals during the conference. The conference is once again an opportunity for support staffers, young basketball coaches, and administrators to

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ShotTracker Improves Training for Players and Coaches

There’s a lot of press about analytics in sports and how the data can be used to improve player  selection, but how about performance?   We’re happy to see a new technology from ShotTracker, a start-up located in Overland Park,  KS.  They’ve solved the age old problem of tracking player shots, and developed a device that  delivers some powerful benefits for coaches as well, particularly during the off season when it’s  hard to keep players in check. It applies the theory “you can’t improve what you don’t  measure” to shooting, which for a skill that improves with repetition, makes a lot of sense to us.   ShotTracker consists of three components: a wrist sensor, net sensor and the ShotTracker App.  The wrist sensor detects when a shot is attempted. The net sensor detects whether the shot was  made or missed. Both sensors communicate with the ShotTracker App, which automatically  keeps track of your shooting stats.   From the player’s perspective, it’s motivating to see day-to-day progress and certainly ups  the focus during even a casual shoot-around. In addition, players can complete structured  workouts and get shot charts of their results. Players can also follow other players – whether  they be teammates or rivals, which creates some healthy competition.  The player functionality is great, but it’s the connectivity between coach and player that gets us  most excited. The ShotTracker Coach App lets a coach create and distribute custom workouts  to their players. Once sent, the coach can see when the player completes the workout, and  his/her performance, in real time. No more paper workout sheets, no more excuses – coaches  can evaluate performance and adjust their players’ workouts throughout the off season. Or, if  their conference rules do not allow off season engagement, the coach can wait to review the  data when their players return to campus.  We think ShotTracker has gotten it right.  It’s an easy-to-use system that improves player  performance via access to data, but also provides increased connectivity between player and  coach. We realize that all coaches are not technically savvy, however our players are, and this is  a training tool that will engage young players and deliver results.  To learn more, visit  www.shottracker.com or contact [email protected]

Basketball HQ Monday: X Out Shooting Drill

This is a shooting drill from the Georgetown University staff and it is taught by assistant coach Kevin Sutton. It is going to really focus in on footwork and coming into your shot the correct way every time. Footwork is a huge indicator of whether a shot is going to go in or not, and

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UPDATE: Bob Walsh’s 3rd Annual Dynamic Leadership Academy

The final line-up has been introduced for the 3rd Dynamic Leadership Academy (June 8th-9th in Providence, RI). The interactive leadership and team building seminar is for leaders and coaches with a growth mindset. This year’s line-up includes: Thorr Bjorn just completed his 8th year as the Athletic Director at the University of Rhode Island after

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Rcs Sports

College Coaches who want to recruit Southeast Texas should subscribe to Rcs Sports this year! Rcs Sports in the nation’s most comprehensive and detailed single city service in the world.  These two guys (Jim Hicks aka “Cheatsheet” and Doug Jones aka “Big Doug” cover Houston, TX (nation’s 4th largest city) and the surrounding towns like

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NEW: HoopDirt.com’s Recruiting Service Listings

As a coach, I know first-hand that recruiting is the lifeline of any college basketball program.  I am always looking for ways to outwork the competition and to identify as many recruitable players as possible. I have used recruiting services in my region for years, but have always had trouble identifying services in other areas. 

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