Charlotte Basketball Search Update…

Story: Adam Nelson (@HD_DirtKing)

The search at Charlotte is starting to wind down and get a bit clearer. Here’s a quick update…

  • Multiple people have told me that if all goes as planned, the choice will be a current head coach.
  • I believe that current odds leader Ben McCollum is in fact still the leader.
  • Multiple strong sources have told me that there is a current head coach that is NOT on my list that needs to be who is making a strong charge here (I believe I have the name, but waiting for 1 more confirmation).
  • You know their in the final stages when guys start tweeting that they’re not interested.
  • Unless something goes south, this thing will be a wrap by the end of the week (if not sooner).

More on this as I hear it, but gotta run and go coach a Little League game (playoffs vs an undefeated team). Oh boy…

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