Daily Dirt – 2/1/12

February is here – there is an end in sight for those of you who are having long seasons! Here is some “dirt” to kick off the month….

It’s turning out to be an ugly situation at Northern Arizona. Details of Mike Adras’ dismissal are finally coming to light. It’s been reported that he had players sign false practice hour sheets (they signed for 1:58 practices that really went 3:10) and had some issues with per diem reporting on the road. Also, a team booster may have attended a meal at Adras’ house where recruits were present. The Arizona Sun does a good job of detailing what appear to be the reasons for his dismissal: http://azdailysun.com/news/local/adras-under-fire-before-exi… I’ve started to hear a few names who have expressed some interest in the position. I’ll blog about them later in the week.

I’ve heard that Anthony Elias has resigned from the staff at Concordia (NE). He is an alum of the school, and had been on the staff for the last 5+ seasons. He had also worked in admissions at the school. No replacement has been hired yet. It sounds like head coach Grant Schmidt may wait until after the season to fill the spot.

Maryland assistant Dalonte Hill returned to the bench this weekend after a two game suspension. There is no word as to what further action may be taken against him as he faces his second DUI charge (http://hoopdirt.com/news/4927dad3/maryland-assistant-hill-ar…).

I came across an interesting article that has the details of Matt Painters contract at Purdue. Looks like he will earn a base salary of $268,734 this season, and can earn up to $948,963 in performance bonuses. The details can be found here: http://www.purdueexponent.org/sports/mens/article_7da682ab-f…

Strange situation brewing down in Jersey….it seems that Rowan College and Rutgers-Camden have talked about a possible merge. What would this mean for the athletic programs and the respective coaches? In an interesting twist, Rutgers-Camden head man Jason Curbison spent five years on the Rowan staff under current head coach Joe Cassidy. This is definitely an interesting story to follow – I’ll keep you posted as to what happens.