Daily Dirt – 9/16/11

Here are a few things to wrap-up the week….

We’ve been following the situation at Union County College for some time now. We reported earlier this month that the job had been offered to (and turned down by) Berkeley College assistant Billy Diamond. More recently, we said that it had been offered to former Seton Hall assistant Dermon Player. Now, I am hearing from a great source that Player has turned down the UCC job. Not sure exactly what is going on here, but practice starts soon! I will keep you updated as the search continues….

I mentioned on Monday that I had heard that Joe Eatmon was going to be the choice at Alabama Southern CC – turns out I was correct. The former West Alabama assistant has officially been chosen to replace Ben Hicks at ASCC. Here’s the link to the official release: http://www.ascc.edu/?DivisionID=644&DepartmentID=733&amp…