Daily Roundup – 12/11/15

  • Oklahoma State head coach Travis Ford was ejected from his sons Stillwater (OK) High School game last night.  According to reports, Ford told the officials to “Blow your whistle,” and, “Do your job,” before being escorted out of the gym.  The night was not a total loss for the Ford family however…after chipping in 12 points off the bench, sophomore Brooks Ford was named Player of the Game by the radio crew who called the action.
  • University of New Orleans head coach Mark Slessinger is trying to break a world record during the Privateers game tomorrow vs. Williams Baptist College.  His idea: Try to beat the Guinness Book of World Records highest recorded gathering of people wearing holiday sweaters and jumpers.  The goal is to beat a record of 1,175 sweaters—the number donned at Loughborough University in Leicestershire, United Kingdom, on Dec. 10, 2014.  Slessinger, who contacted Guinness to register UNO’s attempt to break the holiday record, said that he’s determined to make a mark.
  • Nominations for the Week 4 HoopDirt.com Coach of the Week Award can be emailed here.  Please include any information that you feel supports your coach.  Nominations are due Sunday by 12:00pm. Here are last weeks winners: WEEK 3: HoopDirt.com Coach of the Week.
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