Daily Roundup – 12/15/15

  • The Buffalo Business Journal has been running a series where they post the latest financial reports from Western New York’s private colleges.  Today, they published the actual form 990 that St. Bonaventure University submitted to the IRS.   The form itself is not very interesting to read – too many numbers for me, but it does list the university’s ten highest paid employees.  I always like to see what other guys get paid, so it didn’t surprise me to see head basketball coach Mark Schmidt listed as the highest compensated employee ($516,702 in reportable compensation from the school and $61,464 in other compensation from the school and related organizations).  What I found interesting was the gap between Schmidt and the next highest paid employee, the Dean of the School of Business, who checked in at a mere $170,000 + $59,436 in other compensation.  Schmidt has strung together back-to-back 18 win seasons, and holds a 130-125 record in his 8+ seasons at the school.  Former AD Steve Watson and Women’s Basketball Coach Jim Crowley were also in the Top Ten, each just north of $150K.  Here’s the official Form 990 if you are looking for some light reading.
  • From Today’s Boston Globe…Kentucky head coach John Calipari is being honored over the next two days in Boston and Amherst as the University of Massachusetts celebrates his time at the school and the golden days of UMass basketball, when Calipari took the Minutemen to the Final Four. Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy absolutely annihilates Cal and UMass in today’s piece, and calls for the powers that be to “vacate” their decision to honor him.  I am neither pro-Calipari nor anti-Calipari – but this article is a pretty convincing argument for the latter.  You can decide for yourself after reading this one: UMass should vacate decision to honor John Calipari
  • Pretty cool gesture by Butler head coach Chris Holtmann yesterday. He tweeted this: “Good luck to all BU students this week in Finals! Big week. Stop by the campus Starbucks at 3pm if you need a study break. Drinks on me.”  Apparently the Twitterverse is a very real and powerful thing!…Check out the line at Starbucks yesterday afternoon: Butler Basketball Twitter. Hopefully Holtmann is making Mark Schmidt money – he’s going need it to pay yesterday’s tab.  (Side note: does Holtmann get all of those rewards points if he uses his Starbucks card?).
  • I know how tough that it can be in the middle of the season to have to balance games, practices, and recruiting.  If you need an easy way to expand your recruiting base right now, check out our Scouting Services section.  We have some great services in there now, and are in the process of adding more.
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