DIII Rumors….

We have had a few tips that the Western New England College and Stevenson University jobs will open up soon. These are not officially open yet but we will keep you posted when we hear more. Thanks to our readers for the dirt, keep it coming……


Here’s the official release about Stevenson Coach Brett Adams. He resigned to focus on his AD duties…

Stevenson University and its Athletic Department is transforming at an unprecedented pace. As the University’s Athletic Director, it is exciting to see the future growth plans (such as the rapid construction of our new stadium), and the progress of our existing teams, introduction of our new gymnasium this past fall, addition of hundreds of student athletes in the past three years, and the planned formal launch of our first football season in September 2011. Add to that, we have the enthusiastic planned addition of track and field and women’s ice hockey to our student athletics opportunities. This year also includes on-air televised game coverage, expanded marketing initiatives, an upgraded website, and enhanced wellness experiences for our athletes. President Kevin J. Manning and our athletic department key administrator Executive Vice President for Finance and CFO Tim Campbell have been instrumental to this significant growth.

As you know, I have a long time passion for the game of basketball and have served as both coach and Athletic Director for seventeen years. With the demands of a CAC coach requiring full-time (and more) hours to achieve a conference crown, and a great group of players and strong recruiting class, my family and the administration here are supportive of my decision to step down as head men’s basketball coach and to assist with a national search for a successor. I believe in our young team and will continue to assist the basketball program.

Stevenson’s goal for all its sports teams over the next decade is to be a national leader in Division III athletics. I am eager to devote full-time plus attention to lead this charge for all of our coaches, students and staff and to see basketball parallel our overall success story.