DirtKing @ 39,000 feet….

Gotta love the airline WI-FI….I’ve been able to get some work done at 39,000 feet! Here are a couple of thngs that I just heard via email….

Princeton head coach Sydney Johnson was on campus at Fairfield yesterday. This is confirmed from one of our troops on the ground who saw him on campus with AD Gene Doris. He is obviously in the mix with Dave Leito, Jim Ferry, Norm Roberts, John Dunne, and Bob Simon.

Some names that I’m hearing at Fresno State are Montana head coach Wayne Tinkle, USC associate head coach Bob Cantu, Morgan State head coach Todd Bozeman, and former Kings and New Mexico State head coach Reggie Theus.

Finally, I was sort of right with my prediction from earlier when I said I would be crammed in next to a fat guy on this flight. It’s not a guy, but a pretty large lady. Thankfully she just got up to pee so I can actually stretch a bit. I am sure there are a bunch of coaches headed to Houston right now who feel my pain…..I need a beer!!