Dr. Dish Skill Builder: LeBron James Pull-Back Shooting Workout

Dr. Dish Basketball is proud to bring you another great Skill Builder workout this week. In this complete workout, we will work on three different variations of LeBron James pull-back shooting move. In some games, you’ll see him execute this move multiple times during the course of a game and also in a variety of different situations.

This move is designed to create space for a quick shot. It’s a great individual move that can benefit players in a one on one situation.

We wanted to take this workout to the next level so we incorporated high level ball-handling in as well. This workout will require that you work hard, and at the end we will finish up with making 20 free throws while tired. This is an advanced move so I suggest younger players start in the two point range before moving out to the three point line. LeBron is one of the best athletes in the world so he makes this move and shot look easy. In time and with a lot of practice, you can become great at this move as well.

Check out the the video below breaking down this Skill Builder workout. Coaches: feel free to create your own workout incorporating some of these basketball drills, and design the workout around your players needs!

Lebron James Pull-Back Move

1st Pull-Back

The first pull-back move we worked on focus on the quick between the legs side-step or pull-back. Don’t focus too much on exploding forward with this move because your main goal is just to freeze the defender with the hard dribble between the legs. The ultimate goal is to pull back and create enough space to get off an open shot. This is a quick individual move that will work if executed correctly. Timing is everything with this move and you must make sure to start your pull back motion as soon as you pick up the basketball. Try to create as much space as you can to give yourself enough time to take a quality shot.

2nd Pull-Back

The second pull-back move we worked on is the easiest of the three moves. This one is a quick hard dribble in place followed by a pull-back shot. It’s important to focus on dribbling the ball hard so that it comes quickly back to your hands. Separation is key with this shot because you arent going forward then backwards. This move requires strength and quickness to get the shot off. Remember to practice going both ways so that you are efficient with either hand. Depending on how your defender is guarding you, you’ll have to adjust accordingly.

3rd Pull-Back

The third move we worked on was the the “lazy’ behind the back into the pull-back shot. Part of this move requires you to take a risk and bate your defender to go for the steal or to shift their body when you casually go behind the back knowing your going to pull-back it doesn’t matter the speed. The key is to quickly grab the ball and keep it tight on your body as you create separation the other way. This is the most difficult of the three and I personally suggest mastering the first two before jumping into this one. LeBron James does a great job of lulling his defender asleep and then exploding the opposite way for the shot. This change of pace is crucial when executing this move.

Ball Handling and Free Throws

In between these basketball shooting drills we worked on our quick dribble and also pounding the ball at different levels. We started with the ball on the right side and dribbled the ball 5 times waste high before deadening it on the floor. then we repeated knee high and also below the knee. the reason we deaden the ball is because it requires you to get low and in an athletics stance. It also requires you to dribble the ball harder which in turn makes you a quicker ball-handler. We finished up this drill by knocking down free throws while we were tired. The ability to knock down free throws under pressure and while you’re tired is a skill that coaches look for in their best players.


LeBron James is the best player in the world for a reason and with moves like this, he applies pressure on his defender at all times and in every situation. Develop your all around game and maximize your potential by using Dr. Dish shooting machines and working on your game!