Dr. Dish Skill Builder: Lonzo Ball Change of Pace Floaters

Dr. Dish Basketball is back at it with another great Skill Builder workout. Our main focus will be working on different types of floaters coming off of a screen and also change of pace floaters in which the offensive players use their body to create space. Each drill within this complete workout will provide different scoring options and also help  work on actual game-time situations. The goal is to be as versatile as possible and also well rounded as a player.

Lonzo Ball was recently drafted #2 to the LA Lakers and has been touted as the next big thing for the NBA. Lonzo was one of the best players in the open court and had a knack for finishing in different ways at the rim. One unique quality he possesses is his change of pace. Doesn’t matter what situation he’s in, he can explode or slow down at the drop of a dime. This allows him to create opportunities for himself and his teammates at the point guard position.

Check out the video below and see how this Skill Builder workout can help take your game to the next level!

1st Drill

In the first shooting drill we worked on floaters coming off the ball screen. In this particular change of pace move the offensive player will snake or slice the screen to get the defender on their hip. The player will then use a hesitation dribble, almost stepping back to get the defender to commit to the potential shot. After the hesitation dribble the player will explode into a two foot floater over their shoulder. The most important part of this move is the pace the player uses in each sequence. If the player goes to fast then the move won’t be set up properly and like wise if the player is going slow the entire time it will be impossible to get the shot off.

2nd Drill

In the second shooting drill we worked on the using the hesitation dribble of the screen and roll. Instead of slicing the screen you will just hesitate then explode that same way into the running floater. Typically the offensive player will be using the hesitation dribble to freeze the post player showing hard or flat. As soon as that post player starts to back pedal then that’s when you will explode into the runner. Once again change of pace is key in executing this move so make sure to allow the play to develop and not to rush through the move.

3rd Drill

The third and final shooting drill we used the ball screen action once again. Just like the first shooting drill, the offensive player will snake or slice the screen and again use a hesitation dribble. The difference in this floater is when you explode to the hoop you will power dribble into a hop step floater. Offensively you want to almost jump diagonally across the defender going the opposite way. This floater allows you to do more footwork wise if the shot isn’t there.


We also incorporated conditioning in between each shooting drill in our Skill Builder workout to really simulate that game time fatigue. To finish up the workout we made free throws while tired. Make sure to be physical when executing these floaters in game time situations. Use your body and force the referees to make a call and by being physical you will put pressure on your defender at all times.


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