Dr. Dish Skill Builder: Skill Builder 15 Minute Shooting Workout

With school back in session and players time limited more then ever, Dr. Dish wanted to take the time to create workouts in which players can quickly do before and after school or even during lunch. This quick 15 minute shooting workout will not only maximize your time on the court, but also help take your game to the next level.

We will focus on three 3-pt shooting drills that incorporate different types of movement. The main focus is getting as many reps up as possible and also maximizing time on the court. Check out this 15 min 3-pt Skill Builder workout below and see how Dr. Dish can take your game to the next level!

1st Drill

In this first shooting drill the Dish is programmed at a tempo of 3. This means everytime you release your shot, the next ball is already on its way. All the spots along the 3-pt line were selected and we also programmed the machine to make one pass per location. Each drill in this workout has a time goal of 5 minutes. The main focus in this first shooting drill is stepping into your shot each time properly. Some players hop into their shot but in this drill we focused on stepping into the shot left-right or right-left following the Dish.

2nd Drill

In the second shooting drill we programmed the Dish to make passes at 3 different locations in a triangle pattern. This forces you to sprint into you shot each time and depending on the player, change your footwork. This shooting is more so on the move so getting to your spot and timing is a big focus. half way through you may find yourself getting fatigued but continue to push forward and focus heavily on the fundmentals. It’s important to develop great habits when shooting. Once again this drill with end after 5 minutes and the Dish will seemlessley transition into the last drill afterwards.

3rd Drill

In our final shooting drill we programmed the All-Star shooting machine to make 5 passes at each location. Once again the goal was set on the Dish to end this drill after 5 minutes. The main focus in the drill is to work on you set shot. Every player is different when it comes to shooting. Some players love set shooting and others love shooting on the move. The best shooters at the highest levels are able to shoot in any situation whether that be stationary or moving. It’s important to practice and perfect you craft each day.


After finishing this workout you will be able to save all the stats and view them in real time on your Dr. Dish mobile app. After hiting save, these stats will save to your Training Managment System profile where you can track your progress and trends over time. Coaches this is huge in terms of accountability and also making sure players are getting better everyday.

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