At Dr. Dish Basketball, it’s been amazing to work with some of the top basketball coaches, trainers, and players in the world.

And it was awesome having Instagram Star and basketball shooting phenom, Mike Dunn in the Dish Lab recently! We were able to put him through a multitude of drills and workouts throughout the day. It was incredible to watch him shoot with such great consistency.

In the video below, we tested Mike by running him through a Dr. Dish Skill Builder workout focused on streak shooting and free throws. There’s no other machine on the market that is able to perform this complete workout!

Click below and see how he did!

Shooting Drills

As you can see, Mike is an incredible shooter!

The triangle shooting drills were tough as they forced Mike to shoot on the move and while he was tired. It’s essential to remain on balance and keep the same fundamentals every time you shoot.

After the streak shooting, Mike transitioned directly into free throws. This is the perfect time to work on free throws as Mike was fatigued. Like a true pro, he remained focused on knocked them down with confidence.

Dr. Dish Training Management System and Skill Builder

Dr. Dish is the only machine that can seamlessly transition from drill to drill without having to re-program the machine. This is possible through our Training Management System where we have over 100 complete workouts including this streak workout that Mike completed!

Dr. Dish is the also only machine that is able to pass to a custom location order. This allows for more game-like training as the passes are not coming in a basic “sprinkler” fashion.

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