Dr. Dish Skill Builder: Snake Screen Progression

At Dr. Dish Basketball, we’re always trying to associate our basketball drills back to game-like scenarios to be as efficient and effective as possible.

In this video, Coach Mason breaks down the snake screen option and 3 ways to attack depending on how the defense is playing. The snake screen is a perfect option when the on ball defender is trailing the ball handler and the screener’s defender is dropping into the lane to help.

Ultimately, the main goal is to create space for an open jump shot or to create a tough closeout to attack the defender downhill.

Check out the full breakdown below!

As you can see, how you decide to attack the defender depends on how they are playing. It’s incredibly important, however, to be able to consistently knock down the jump shot off of the snake screen in order to open up the additional options to attack downhill.

This drill series is perfect to utilize with 1-2 players using the Dr. Dish All-Star away from the basket as a passer. In this video, we had the All-Star machine at the top of the key delivering game location passes to the wing. With the patented swivel net technology on the All-Star, it’s easy to make an outlet pass back to the machine and continue your reps.

You can either use the remote control to decide when to pass the ball or put it on a tempo of 8-10 to give you enough time to catch, attack, shoot, get your rebound, and pass it back into the net system.

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