Drill of the Week

In this Dr. Dish drill of the week, Coach  Tony Miller demonstrates a great decision making drill called 2-on-1 shooting. Check out the full breakdown below!


Adding both defense and decision making to your shooting drills can help take a player’s basketball IQ to the next level. In this 2-on-1 shooting drill, players must choose whether to shoot or make the “one more” pass to an open teammate based on how the defense closes out.

2-on-1 Shooting

Frame 1: The coach receives a pass from the Dish then passes to either of the two offensive players. If the defender closes out to the gap (between Player 1 and 2), Player 1 takes the shot.

Frame 2: If the defender closes out to the player receiving the coach’s pass, the player will make the “one more” pass to his teammate (Player 1).