Drill of the Week

In this drill, Coach Moris Hadzija of Croatia demonstrates how to snake the screen to create space for an open jumper. This is a great way to use the Dr. Dish CT shooting machine to simulate a common game-like action. Check it out below!


The drill starts with the Dish passing the ball to the Coach at the top of the key. First, the player comes off of a DHO to receive the ball. Then, as they get to the slot, they simulate a step up screen. From there, the player plays with pace and visualizes the screener defender playing in drop coverage. Then the player crosses over to execute the snake action and creates space towards the open area of the court which is often around the opposite elbow for the jump shot.

As Coach Moris states, it’s important to read the defense and play with great pace. This doesn’t mean go as fast as possible, but to change speeds to keep the defense off balance. And when snaking the screen and getting o the opposite elbow, it’s essential to really push that dribble through to create space.

This is a great drill to execute in an individual and small group setting. Make sure to work on both sides and focus on the fundamentals throughout each rep.