Drill of The Week

Coach Tony Miller is back with another simple yet effective drill, simulating game-speed finishing and defense. Checkout his breakdown and the full drill breakdown in the video below! 

With small group workouts, I like to pair players up to compete while practicing our finishing moves around the rim. This 1v1 game gives the offense an opportunity to feel pressure from the defense while still holding a small advantage to score.


1V1 Chase Drill with Coach Tony Miller

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  • The offensive player lines up on the wing behind the 3-point line, facing the Dr. Dish. The defender lines up on the sideline, facing the Dr. DIsh.
  • When the ball is caught by the offense, both players begin to move around their cones towards the basket.
  • The offense is attempting to finish at the rim, while the defense is trying to contest the finish without fouling.

You can adjust the cones to increase or decrease the advantage held by the player on offense.