Drill of The Week

Coach Tony Miller demonstrates a great shooting drill designed to improve players’ ability to take shots under pressure. Check out the full breakdown below!

3 Shot with Contest

3 Shot Contested

Whether it’s a small group workout or a block of practice time, shooting drills are a cornerstone to our basketball program. Mixing in a variety of simple shooting games helps keep players engaged over the course of a long season. One of those games is our 3 Shot with Contest drill. 

Drill Breakdown:

  • As the name implies, each player will take 3 shots.
  • The first shot is a catch-and-shoot 3PA.
  • The second is a one dribble pullup (going either direction).
  • When the final ball is passed out from the Dish, the second player runs out to contest the jump shot.
  • Players then swap roles and continue shooting.