Dr. Dish Drill of the Week

Coach Tony Miller shares a great drill for teams to focus on 5-out offensive actions in their practice routine. Check out the full breakdown below!

In today’s game, more teams are moving towards a 5-Out offense, which requires players to make decisions coming off screening situations. Within this offense, being able to efficiently shoot off screens is necessary skill for all perimeter players. One of those specific scenarios involves an away screen at top of the key.

Away (1)

Drill Breakdown

  • The Dish passes out to the player at the top of the key.
  • The receiver can pass to either direction. After passing, they will go “away” from the pass to screen for a teammate.
  • That player uses the screen and straight cuts to the top of the key to receive a pass then attempt a shot.

In an actual game, the defense may take away the shot availability at the top of the key. Within the offense, the original screener will turn and rescreen for the player at the top of the key. In this drill, the ball-handler will come off the screen to shoot another 3-point attempt.

Rescreen (1)