Drill of The Week

Jayson Tatum led the Celtics to the best record in the NBA, putting up great stats in the process. Tatum is already entering his 7th season in the NBA and is looking to get back to the Finals this year. He averaged 26.9 points per game, along with 8.1 rebounds and 4.9 assists. With him being one of the best scorers and shot creators in the league, were here to bring you a Jayson Tatum inspired workout with his signature moves.


Move 1: Swing Step Floater

  • Off the catch, dribble to either the right or left
  • After 1-2 dribbles, pick up the ball low and swing into the middle and rise up for a floater

Make sure to not travel and cleanly perform this move. The floater over the big man is an effective move off the dribble drive. Jumping straight upwards after using your two steps to avoid being blocked.

Move 2: Mid-Post Fadeaway

  • Get solid post positioning or drive towards the elbows
  • Gather yourself and lean on your defender
  • Create space by dribbling into defender and fadeaway into a jumper

This move is effective with Tatum’s size and high release jumpshot. But with the right timing and positioning this move can be performed by any player. Knowing the correct timing and using your leverage on your defender is key.

Move 3: Mid-Post Shimmy Fadeaway

  • Drive towards the elbow or inside the corner
  • While dribble with back turned to the basket, pivot either right or left and shake to confused defender
  • Pivot back the other way and pull up for the fadeaway jumper

Using this move takes great post control and footwork. Keeping your defender guessing with the shimmy and pivot move makes this move elite. Work on keeping your body squared with the basketball while levitating up for the jumper.