Duke Men’s Basketball – A Flexible Scouting Platform

A flexible scouting platform

Like many programs, Coach K and his staff begin preparing for their next opponent on the night of their previous game. Duke Men’s Basketball switched to Just Play prior to the 2017-18 season so that they could produce custom scouting materials within very short time frames.

Kevin Cullen, Director of Technology, is tasked with delivering a variety of reports on each opponent, including custom splits such as “last three games”. After a game, Cullen may have only 30 minutes to prepare these unique reports. Just Play’s custom reports and blended box scores save him time and stress.

“Just Play has made my scouting process more efficient without forcing me to change the way we work,” Cullen said. “Just Play has delivered on everything we’ve asked of them time and time again. They make my job easier, and they help us teach our players better. We’re proud to work with them.”

Just Play Sports Solutions provides basketball staffs with a complete coaching solution – all in one application. From building playbooks, scouting opponents, teaching players and coordinating recruiting schedules, you will prepare faster and engage better with today’s athletes using Just Play.

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