ECS Services LLC  provides detailed and usable information that gives individuals the feedback they need to further and improve their careers, and coaches plus basketball operations personnel the information they need to make sound, competitive and profitable decisions.

About ECS Services, LLC

ECS Services LLC has a staff with over twenty years of basketball evaluation and scouting experience, that allows us to provide a quality service to individuals, coaches and teams.  ECS Services LLC focuses on gathering usable information on global basketball prospects for both amateur and professional teams. Our understanding of the collegiate recruiting and eligibility process allows us to report the necessary information to properly assist collegiate coaching staffs and give them the ability to effectively recruit global prospects.

In terms of professional teams and organizations, we posses the basketball evaluation and scouting experience to gather the required information on individual players and teams. The information we provide, will give coaching staffs, basketball operations and agents the insight they will need to make sound and profitable decisions.

Collegiate/Amateur Report subscription runs $250.00 USD for the year and covers both minor and major global basketball events that feature a large number of amateur prospects.

Collegiate/Amateur Specific Individual or Position Reports will range anywhere from $25.00 to $75.00 USD per report depending on the number of prospects and information requested.

Professional Player Background Reports will cost a flat rate of $400.00 USD per report, which covers an in-depth basketball talent breakdown, medical and character history. Previous contractual information will be provided if research allows discovery of it.