Florida A&M Search Update: Complete list of all 122 Applicants

It’s been a long, strange search to replace Byron Samuels as the head basketball coach at Florida A&M. The search originally began on March 21st, was closed, re-opened, and closed again last week. A list of names obtained by the Tallahassee Democrat, reveals that 122 coaches have applied. There are former DI head coaches, former NBA guys, and a bunch of current DI assistants who have thrown their hat in the ring. It sounds like this search could last another week or two. The complete list is below:

Head Athletic Coach (Men's Basketball)
Applicant Name
Alvin Pearsall
Andrew Colville
Andrew Wilson
Anthony M Johnson
Anthony Q Anderson
Arthur Tyson
Artis Slater
Benjamin Betts
Brett Vincent
Brian Stasaitis
Bryce Hall
Byron N Rimm
Byron Taylor
Cedric C Yelding
Cedric Smith
Charles E Ramsey
Charles Jones
Chris A Goodman
Chris Davis
Christopher A Fortenberry
Chrystopher Cornelius
Clifford Reed
Craig Tyson
Dan Bere
Daniel Batson
Dante L Jackson
David Flowers
Dawud Abdur-Rahkman
Devonte Carson
Donald K Marsh
Donte Jackson
Drew Gladstone
Dylan Howard
Emmanuel Tommy
Eric Epstein
Erik T Rashad
Fonso White
Fred Dupree
Freddrell Watson
Fredrick Summers
Gary Stewart
George Alexander
Gilbert J Brown
Gordon Kaplan
Greate E White
Horace R Broadnax
Indrek Kongats
Jacob Morton
James C Brooks
James D Adams
James D Yarbrough
James Summers
Jarrod B Lazarus
Jeff Drinkwine
Jeremy Coleman
Jerist T Roberts
Jerry L Powell
John A Cooper
John K LeGree
Joseph Pierre
Karim Shepherd
Keith Byrd
Kendrick Saunders
Kenneth McHam
Kevin Butler
Kevin Horton
Kevin J Byrne
Lamont E Franklin
Lance Egnatz
LaRon J Parks
Leon Douglas
LeRell E Dock
Lindsey B Hunter
Lou A Dawkins
Malcolm Sims
Marcus Harden
Marcus McDuffie
Marcus Santiago
Marques J McKinney
Marquis Daniels
Marvis Thornton
Matt O'Meara
Matthew D Smith
Matthew Hines
Michael Grant
Michael Woody
Morris L Scott
Neal R Peterson
Nelson Jones
Nikita G Johnson
Oliver L Bobbitt
Pat Kennedy
Patrick B Sellers
Richard L Moore
Rick Cabrera
Ricky Duckett
Robert E Smith
Robert L McCullum
Robert Smith
Rodell Davis
Rodney Strickland
Ron Ekker
Roy L Barsh
Russell I Willemsen
Scott Monarch
Sercan Fenerci
Shannon McKinnon
Shawn E Walker
Shyrone Chatman
Stefon C Wilson
Steve Payne
T. Jeffrey Hironaka
Terrance T Chatman
Tobe W Carberry
Trevor Diggs
Ty Harrelson
Vincent S TurnerWes Pifer
William D Brown
William Wuczynski
Willie J Jones
Willie M Young

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