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The 2016 tournament has been full of great performances, blowouts, and buzzer beaters. From Wisconsin’s Buzzer Beater to beat Xavier to Villanova’s 4 out ball screen offense, our 135-page 2016 NCAA Tournament Playbook has it all.

Below is just a sample of plays you will find in the 2016 NCAA Tournament Playbook. If you’re a FastDraw subscriber, click on the play diagrams below to send these great plays to your FastDraw account. Don’t have FastDraw? Click here to download the a PDF Playbook of Late Game Situations and learn more about FastDraw here.

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Wisconsin – SLOB Diamond Circle

Wisconsin won the game on the SLOB play against Xavier. The play starts in a diamond and moves in a circle. The Badgers hit Koenig on the wing for the game winning shot.

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Villanova – Horns Curl Roll

Villanova used this play against Kansas in the NCAA Elite 8. They roll the ball screener off of the other horns post into the lane. Then once the ball is in the post, the opposite big dives down the lane for a dunk.

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Temple – Stagger Elevator

Temple ran this set at 17:20 in the first half against Iowa. In contrast to the common Wheel action involving consecutive stagger screens, Temple switches things up and sets an elevator screen instead of a second stagger. I also like the first option of the play with 3 coming off a rip screen, giving him two different scoring options on the play.

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Syracuse – ATO Angle Flare

Syracuse started the game against Dayton with this play. In typical pick and roll coverage, x2 is responsible for nail/FT line coverage to prevent a drive by the ballhandler. This makes x2 susceptible to a flare screen, which Syracuse was able to use to start the game with a good 3pt look.

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