Hofstra rumors…..

Since the resignation of Tim Welsh yesterday, the rumor mill at Hofstra has begun spinning again. Many believe that former BC head coach Al Skinner is the front runner, but that may not be the case. He is definitely involved here, but good sources are telling me that Hofstra may choose to hire an interim head coach for the upcoming season (in which case I’ve been led to believe that would be current assistant Steve DeMeo). If that doesn’t happen, other possibilities are former Hofstra assistant Van Macon, former St. John’s head coach Norm Roberts, and former Boston University head coach Dennis Wolff. Another name that has been brought up (and is a long shot) is Davidson head coach Bob McKillop – he is a 1972 Hofstra grad, and is in their Hall of Fame. I’m not sure how this will play out, but I would expect a decision shortly.