HOT: Ford safe at Oklahoma State

After much speculation, Travis Ford will remain as the head coach at Oklahoma State. OSU AD Mike Holder released the following statement earlier tonight:

"Given the overwhelming amount of unfounded rumors surrounding the future of our head basketball coach Travis Ford, I am departing from my usual practice of not talking about personnel matters. Travis Ford is our head coach now, and he will be our head coach moving forward. No one wants to win games, win championships and make deep tournament runs more than our coach. When I met with Coach Ford at the end of the season, we reviewed this past season and spent time talking about the future of Oklahoma State basketball. I am convinced Travis is as dedicated as ever to our university and to the young men who play for him. I was particularly pleased with our conversation around the importance of graduating our basketball players. Let me say, we are fully committed to Coach Ford and supporting him and our basketball program.”

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