Jarvis Update

Still haven’t been able to get the video on the Jarvis 3-technical-ejection, but here’s what went down:

Apparently towards the end of the first half, there was a questionable call near the FAU bench. The bench was given a technical foul – and then it got out of hand. Apparently Coach Jarvis made contact with an official was tee’d twice and then refused to leave the court. He was given one more technical before he finally decided to leave. The referee’s apparently asked a police officer near the bench to help and escort Coach Jarvis to the locker room.

Obviously not a pretty situation. I can feel for Coach Jarvis, his team is 4-16 (0-8), but this is not a great example to set, nor the image you want to set forth of your program. No wonder the league is still looking into the matter. We’ll keep you updated as to any further suspension.

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