Assistant Coach – Clarkson University – Full-time

School: Clarkson University
Position: Assistant Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: This assistant coach position is a $10,000 stipend with up to 18 credit hours per academic year in a Masters program at Clarkson
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division III
Conference: Liberty League

A successful assistant coach at Clarkson University will assist the head in each of the following areas in relation to their sport: recruiting, teaching/coaching, counseling,marketing, alumni relations, fund raising, and sport administration. It will be necessary to prioritize and balance these activities in a manner that best promotes and advances their sport within all Clarkson University, Liberty League, and NCAA rules and regulations.

Specific Responsibilities for basketball:
-Promote the mission and goals of Clarkson University, the NCAA and the athletic department
-Recruit quality student-athletes who will fit the academic and athletic profile for Clarkson University
-Evaluate prospective student-athletes and decide whether they are potential members of the Clarkson University Basketball Team.
-Assist in determining a recruiting plan for each academic year to evaluate and recruit student-athletes to Clarkson University
-Assist in developing a teaching/coaching plan that best utilizes the strengths (individual and collective) of the Basketball Team
-Assist in the development of practice and game preparation plans
-Assist student-athletes with their academic progress
-Assist with the development of a positive image for the basketball program through various media outlets
-Assist with the compliance to ensure program compliance with all NCAA, league and University rules and regulations
-Assist in the development and promotion of community activities including but not limited to summer camps, leagues, or community service activities
-Assist in the development of a strength, conditioning, and nutrition program for student-athletes
-Assist in the promotion of the success of the program, department, and university as a primary contact for Men’s Basketball Alumni
-Establish all travel itineraries to away intercollegiate contests
-All other duties as assigned by the Head Coach

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