Assistant Coach – Florida Atlantic University – Full-time

School: Florida Atlantic University
Position: Assistant Coach
Position Type: Full-Time
Salary: 85-100K
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: C-USA

The Assistant Athletic Coach will provide direction for activities associated with the men’s basketball program and student-athletes, including recruitment, monitoring academic performance and social development, maintaining discipline and development programs, fundraising activities, coordinating summer camps, pre and post-conditioning, practice and games. These duties may include transport of prospects and student athletes to events, practices, and competitions.

Additional duties and responsibilities:

Serves as the recruiting coordinator for the entire program. Assigns regions of the country and state to other assistant coaches for scouting coordination and reviews game tape of potential student athletes discovered by other assistant coaches to establish their fit with our program.

Negotiates scholarship offers to prospects. Attend off campus games for the purpose of evaluation and contact.

Coordinates mailing of recruitment materials and information. Maintains contact with prospective student-athletes. Plans campus visits with prospective student-athletes and their parents.

Develops, implements and adjusts the team’s offensive game plan. Prepares, plans, conducts and evaluates practice sessions in regards to the offensive game plan and skill sets. Calls all offensive sets and plays during competitions.

Instructs other assistant coaches on the offensive game plan. Teaches individuals and groups of players specific tasks and skills before, during, and after practice, during season and off-season.

Administers travel arrangements for team. Schedules practice times for road games. Supervises and assigns responsibilities to team managers and graduate assistants if applicable.

Maintains equipment inventory and oversee distribution to athletes. Follows FAU procedures in handling all ordering supplies and any funds that flow through the athletic program. Plans long and short term team offensive and recruiting goals with the supervision of the athletics director.

Coordinates all enrollment activities of student-athletes. Monitors academic progress and class attendance of student-athletes and intervene when necessary. Works to complete student’s development through graduation by assisting with academic needs. Establishes requirements for team members in terms of academic and athletic progress.

Interacts with various campus offices, departments and faculty. Maintains effective communication with faculty relating to monitoring academic progress of student-athletes and development of academic improvement strategies for athletes.

Serve as guest speaker at public events on behalf of FAU Athletics. Serves in a leadership role and promote participation in community service activities by student athletes.

Coordinates community service and FAU athletics-to-school programs.

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