Assistant Coach – Georgia Institute of Technology – Full-time

School: Georgia Institute of Technology
Position: Assistant Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: $53,000-$58,000
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: ACC

Report to the Head Coach and plan, develop, administer, and evaluate the sport’s program.
Cooperate with the ASSOCIATION Compliance Department regarding NCAA rules and policies involving reporting requirements.
Cooperate with the ASSOCIATION administration in monitoring the academic progress of student-athlete players to facilitate pursuit of a baccalaureate degree.
Recruit and evaluate the assistant coaches.
Recommend students for athletic grant-in-aid scholarships from the ASSOCIATION.
Assist in planning and supervising programs for player training, conditioning, and drug education and testing, using program development input from support sources such as the Director of Sports Medicine, Team Physician, and Strength and Conditioning Coach.
Assist with the development and supervision of the recruiting program for student-athlete players.
Direct student-athlete players to the appropriate ASSOCIATION source for assistance regarding financial aid, academic advisement, and general student needs provided by the ASSOCIATION.
Assist with providing appropriate program safety requirements by relying upon the professional advice of the head athletic trainer, and staff, and the team physician assigned by the ASSOCIATION.
Assist with evaluation of individual and team strengths and develop strategies for skill improvement.
Assist with supervision of all games, scrimmages, and practices or delegate responsibility to an appropriate staff member in your absence.
Assist with disciplining student-athletes for violations of team rules, ASSOCIATION regulations or conduct impacting upon team matters, team policies or the reputation of the ASSOCIATION.
Assist with oversight of expending operational resources budgeted to the program in a manner consistent with ASSOCIATION policy to include timely submission of all paperwork required.
Cooperate with the Sports Information Director in the preparation of brochures, programs, statistical reports, and press releases in support of the sport’s program.
Assist with the preparation and update of the equipment inventory for the program in conjunction with and upon the advice of the head equipment manager.
Perform duties assigned by the Head Coach customary to the position of Assistant Coach and the operation of your sport’s program.

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