Assistant Coach – Lehigh University – Full-time

School: Lehigh University
Position: Assistant Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: Patriot League

The Assistant Coach provides leadership and direction to all facets of the Basketball Program in advancing the mission of the university and the Department of Athletics. Specific areas of responsibility include sport specific coaching, recruitment, student-athlete development, program administration and program advancement yielding agreed upon results.  All activities shall be conducted within the policies and resource framework of Lehigh University, the Athletics Department, The Patriot League and the NCAA.

  1. Student-athlete development
    • Counseling, advising, educating
    • Motivating, inspiring
    • Disciplining, rewarding
    • Monitoring, evaluating
    • Retaining
    • Team building
    • Character development
  2. Coaching
    • Assist in planning; practices, training sessions, team and individual conditioning, line-ups, and competitive strategies
    • Instructing and demonstrating techniques and skills
    • Assist in evaluating effectiveness and results
    • Assist in refining strategies
    • Communicating with athletes and team
  3. Recruiting
    • Assist in identifying and attracting prospects
    • Assist in evaluating prospects through high school visits, at competitions or home visits
    • Assist in selecting prospective candidates
    • Promoting Lehigh through communicating with prospects and families
    • Assist in coordinating recruitment strategies, calendar and procedures
    • Assist in yielding student prospects
    • Valuing diversity in the process and results
  4. Program administration
    • Assist in planning and evaluating program results, status, and priorities
    • Assist in preparing and managing annual program budgets
    • Assist in supervising, managing, and evaluating personnel
    • Assist in evaluating prospective members of the Coaching staff
    • Assist in scheduling competitions, planning tournaments in coordination with appropriate administrator
    • Complying with NCAA, league and institutional rules
    • Attending staff and university meetings, responding to administrative and supervisory requests
    • Utilizing technology to achieve efficiencies and productivity
    • Assist in proofing recruit or other media information
  5. Advancement
    • Assist in promoting strong public and media relations, Alumni relations, parent relations, community relations and professional relations
    • Aspire to develop professionally
    • Assist in fulfilling a commitment to service
  6. Results
    • Assist in achieving competitive success within the conference
    • Assist in achieving academic success across the team
    • Assist in graduating student-athletes at a rate equal to or above the university rate
    • Realizing personal growth and development in every student-athlete
    • Assist in promoting recognition of student-athletes
  1. Bachelor’s Degree and experience as a student-athlete is required
  2. One to three years related work experience
  3. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  4. Excellent writing ability and organizational skills
  5. Solid analytical, decision making and problem solving skills
  6. Solid presentation skills
  7. Supervisory experience preferred
  8. Solid computer skills with experience using word processing and spreadsheet software
  9. Solid presentation skills
  10. Successful completion of standard background checks including but not limited to: social security verification, education verification, national criminal background checks, motor vehicle checks, PATCH, FBI fingerprinting, Child Abuse Clearance and credit history based upon the requirements of the position
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