Assistant Coach – Northern Iowa – Full-time

School: Northern Iowa
Position: Assistant Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: 12 Month, Contract, Pay Grade 90
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: Missouri Valley Conference

1. Assists with University Men’s Basketball coaching duties during practice sessions and game play; assesses player performance to determine need for individual and/or team improvement; coaches players individually or in groups; instructs in game strategies and techniques in preparation for athletic competition; oversees practice sessions providing instruction in areas of difficulty as needed; arranges for completion of pre-game set-up tasks; compiles and reports game statistics; and performs related duties as required or directed.
2. Assists with recruiting efforts as assigned; initiates and/or responds to inquiries concerning the University’s basketball program; visits and/or observes athletic prospects; discusses credentials of prospective student athletes with Admissions Office; encourages on-campus visitations by athletes; interviews student “walk-on” athletes; arranges visits with appropriate faculty advisor; and assists with coordination of administration processing, housing, or financial aid, for incoming student athletes.
3. Prepares scouting reports; coordinates video exchange and analyzes opponent strategies; consults with team coach and players concerning opponents’ strengths and weaknesses; and completes related duties as required.
4. Travels with team on away contests; aids with team travel and lodging arrangements; effects preparation of required requisitions for team and coach, staff transportation, lodging, meals, travel advance, etc.; prepares and submits appropriate absence report; ensures proper preparation and submission of travel expense report and return of cash advances; and completes related duties as required or directed.
5. Assists in the planning, development, promotion, instruction, supervision and staging of University Men’s Basketball individual and team camps; coordinates staffing, hiring, and procurement of appropriate facilities and services for camps; and distributes promotional and instructional camp materials to players, coaches, and staff.
6. Coordinates facilities for team meetings, practices, games, and visiting team practices; confirms event management details and support personnel for home contests; supervises student managers, student coaches, and statisticians; coordinates team pre-game meals on and off-campus and during holiday breaks; and oversees special team functions and promotions including Senior Day and end of year banquet.
7. Participates in Men’s Basketball and Intercollegiate Athletics fund raising activities; assists in contacting individuals/firms for solicitation of funds; aids with Athletic Club membership drives; and completes like athletic financial support assignments as directed.
8. Counsels team members relative to academic progress; checks conditions of concern to athletes (i.e., class schedule, course requirement, grades, etc.); arranges for referral of student athletes for assistance (i.e., Academic Advising Office, Study Table, Counseling Center, Health Center, Learning Skills Center, etc.); and provides like assistance to athletic team members as required, including summer employment and coordinating fifth year aid.

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