Assistant Director of Enforcement – Basketball Development – NCAA

School: NCAA
Position: Assistant Director of Enforcement – Basketball Development
Position Type: Full-time

This position is responsible for developing specific expertise in men’s and women’s basketball recruiting environments. Performance is measured through relationship management, monitoring, investigation, outreach and educational efforts designed to protect the game, strengthen the enforcement staff’s familiarity of the college  basketball landscape and ability to enforce compliance with NCAA rules.


  1. Develop a working knowledge of the scholastic and nonscholastic basketball recruiting environment and applicable NCAA legislation to effectively monitor and enforce rules compliance. In order to proficiently  develop the requisite knowledge:
  • Track legislative issues that may impact the sports of men’s and women’s basketball.
  • Stay current on topics of interest affecting the sports of men’s and women’s basketball.
  • Monitor and document information relevant to the sports of men’s and women’s basketball.
  • Act as a resource to NCAA enforcement staff members relating to pertinent issues involving basketball.
  1. Develop and maintain relationships with constituents in the men’s and women’s basketball recruiting environments, including college coaches, high school coaches, agents, nonscholastic coaches, athletics compliance officials and various professional athletics personnel.
  • Attend and engage in activities at various basketball-related events throughout the year.
  • Engage in frequent communication and correspondence with various basketball constituents throughout the year.

3.             Develop and implement investigative protocols relating to enforcement staff initiatives specific to the sport of basketball.

  • Collect and analyze information and records in order to identify potential violations of NCAA recruiting rules.
  • Provide assistance and training to institutional compliance staff members in effective monitoring procedures.
  • Provide assistance and education to basketball coaching staff members in NCAA rules compliance.

4.             Conduct initial investigations involving the sports of men’s and women’s basketball. When engaged in duties involving the processing of major infractions cases:

  • Maintain a thorough understanding of the provisions of Bylaw 19 and Internal Operating Procedures which govern the conduct of the enforcement staff.
  • Conduct and record (in accordance with enforcement procedures) interviews with individuals involved in or having knowledge of potential violations.
  • Locate individuals who may have information about or are involved in potential violations. This requires extensive travel, professional networking, expertise in online research, and developing and cultivating contacts who may have such information.

5.             Participate in other activities and projects as assigned within the enforcement department.

6.             Arrange travel to the locations of assigned duties.

7.             Other duties as assigned.

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